Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Just when I thought I might have to rename the blog 7 Days Without Galen, I struck gold.

Gail, who owns the healthfood store Abundant Health (519-524-5801), is willing to order in milk for me with her Ontario Natural Food Co-op order. 


We use a lot of milk around here and sourcing organic milk without going to The Grocery Store was going to be my biggest challenge of this whole month.

This week is shaping up to be an interesting one as far as food goes.  I am getting some free-range chickens for my freezer later this week, just to top things up and we are planning to go to the Slow Food Market in Stratford, Ontario on the weekend.  Larder should be well and deliciously stocked by Family Day.

I completely missed that last Sunday, the 12th, was Food Freedom Day.  The link takes you to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture site where they urge Canadians to "make choices at the grocery store that will support the Canadian agriculture and agri-food industry."  I am shocked that they don't say "make choices to support Canadian agriculture..."

Not all food comes from grocery we are finding out!

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