Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My mother - the enabler

Sunday was my birthday and as I sat around on Saturday evening after our wonderful and delicious Indian cooking class at Samuel's, we were planning the menu for my birthday dinner.  Again, the issue of where to get the ingredients came up.  I needed garlic for the lamb recipe.

"Well, if you can't go to Zehrs, we can always go for you," says my mom, who is beyond a doubt the most generous soul in the whole world.

"Mom, that kind of defeats the purpose."

But, it made me think.

The Grocery Store sells local organic garlic from August's Harvest.

The Other Store sells garlic from China and Argentina.

What to do?

I let her do the shopping.  The lanb was delicious.  The garlic was moral. 

And me?

Getting busy on finding another option.

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