Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 9

Well, it has been 9 days since I started this and with the exception of the trip for the cooking class, I have managed not to shop at The Grocery Store for our family.  I have used The Other Store but this wasn't about completely abandoning conventional sources for food and other items. 

The whole purpose of this adventure was to re-establish my commitment to local food, which has happened.  I have also discovered new products and sources that I might not have pursued.

Despite some of the inconvenience and some of the added cost, I actually think we will spend less money on groceries this month.  There is a lot of temptation in a grocery store, especially to buy things you don't need (and if you didn't know it, the stores are designed with just that in mind!).  Though I am diligent about a list and pre-planning menus, somehow there are always those few little things that sneak into the cart and add up. 

There is also the mid-week craving or change of plans that sends us out in the car to get something.  Now that we are acting like the store doesn't exist, we aren't doing that.

Last nights dinner was a testament to just using what's in the house as we had what, on most nights, I might call leftovers or as my friend calls it "Encore!".

This was more like "dregs".  Still a good dinner - pasta with roasted veggies and sausage, salad and garlic bread but it was really about cleaning out the fridge.

Tonight's dinner is looking far more promising - cilantro-chili marinated flank steak with roasted sweet potatoes and a salad with avocado, corn and radishes.  And then family movie night - Angus has already picked Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Can't wait!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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